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Trent Reznor is on webcam...

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If any of you still care abobout Nine Inch Nails or Trent at this point, then you'll be pleased to know that 1.) he's not dead and 2.) he's in studio with others working on music. The webcam comes on off and on and today has been really active.

If you go to nin.com and to the current page, in the upper right-hand corner is an image with a link in it. Click on it and it will bring up the webcam. The webcam only takes stills however, so you have to refresh it to see a new image. Also they updated the nin.com current section to say nothing more than we would get to hear something new "soon."

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Heh, "this should shut you asshats up for 10 minutes"

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If you're really interested in that "babe", you might find some relevant comments if you're willing to plough through this thread. Or maybe you won't.

Anyway, here's another image:

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Jayextee said:

Yes. She has the nice tats. She makes me do a sex wee.

Da shalabratee alwaysh makesh me do a sex wee. Agh, to 'ave Trent Reshnah in mah man-knickersh.

Good stuff. Indeed, serve up the tits-lady with a side of oral, double quick.

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Well the hotties are either musicians, or they are there because Trent felt like turning on his webcam so people can see him with hotties.

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The female is from a new band named "Jakalope" which is also linked to in nin.com's "Resources" section.

Also the "Access" section was updated today (and btw, Trent is on cam again tonight as well) and received the following info:

also some pics from tonight on the webcam.

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M/\C\/ile said:


You, sir, win the prize!

ducon said:

Legendary Pink Dots?

Yes. You win the other prize.

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