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I need a good music wad!

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I can't take it any more!! D_runnin is a good song, but after YEARS AND YEARS of hearing it, I wanna pull my hair out! are there any good music replacement WADs out there?

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There are quite a few in the archive.

Also, some megawads have a separate music wad (e.g. MM, MM2 and Requiem), and of course you can always make a music wad by extracting just the music from a wad and putting it into a new wad (I did this with Vile Flesh, and use it quite often).

There's also this one, which I think is rather good.

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Sssitinith said:

The Doom+Doom2 PSX Music wad is your only option.

Indeed. Ripping music from other sources (Including other Doom IWADs) or composing it simply will NOT do :p

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I've never been able to download the DOOM 2 music wad from the DOOM Depot. I got PSXMUSIC.WAD, CdoomMus.wad & D1-pcmus.wad a while ago, and they can still be grabbed at the moment of this writing, but everytime I click on the link for D2-pcmus.wad, I get the 'File not Found' banner. Too bad, ain't it?


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