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Legacy and MP3 support.

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Does Legacy support MP3's? If so, how do I go about implementing them into the wad? I tried saving the mp3 in a wad file as d_runnin, and I got an error saying something like "music isn't mid or mus format". Bah. Legacy's a pain. :)

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Do just that, then run Legacy with the -digmusic command line parameter. Faaar from the best solution, but it works.

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Yes.. But the way it works right now is, I think, only for testing purposes.

In order to have an MP3 in Legacy, you must insert the MP3 as a lump with a name like O_RUNNIN (instead of D_RUNNIN), for example. Also, I believe you are required to use the -digmusic command when running the wad.

EDIT: Too late.

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