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The return.... of Doom Headquarters

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yeah, so, while sifting through my old archives, i came across a .zip containing the old Doom headquarters. now for those of you who were not around 5 years ago, the doomhq was a somewhat popular site, despite my lackluster running of things. i never even knew what happened to it, just that eventually i went to doomhq.com one day, and it had become a porno ad. so anyway, i found the really old site design, from 1999, and decided to put it back up on my comcast account.

it's keeping the same name, but isn't a news site or anything, just a place for me to showcase some of my levels in progress, give you info about my coop server, and act as an "official" mirror for skulltag v.95k until skulltag.com is back up and running. and oh yes, haha, i won't be such a cunt this time around. Hi Linguica!

you can visit the little older, and much wiser version of the DHQ, at

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Diddn't DoomHQ run a "Nuke Doomworld" webring?

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I do remember this from my early internet days way back before I found dw.

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