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Naked Snake


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I did an interview with Ryan Hart A.K.A Darkstorm, the project leader of Relapse.

BigBadGangsta150: What should we expect from Relapse?

DipteraNecroHart: Relapse should be one of the darkest, mood filled tcs for doom to date

BigBadGangsta150: what features will be in Relapse?

DipteraNecroHart: most of these features are going to be a surprize, but expect stuff like friendly characters, ingame storyline, mission based levels, and more

BigBadGangsta150: what about gun fanatics? should they expect futuristic weapons, hellish weapons or real life weapons?

DipteraNecroHart: well, expect a mix of all

DipteraNecroHart: real life weapons will become useless by the end of the game

DipteraNecroHart: and i do mean useless

DipteraNecroHart: as in, do no damage to later enemies

BigBadGangsta150: will Relapse take full advantage of the features both in DDF and in editing that is possible with EDGE?

DipteraNecroHart: yes, i am currecting looking at the newest additions to the ddf features and planning how they can be used

BigBadGangsta150: and what would you most like to see done with DDF?

DipteraNecroHart: D&D style dmg/ac system, for those who don't know what i mean, just ask me later

DipteraNecroHart: or ask anyone who plays D&D

BigBadGangsta150: what are you most proud of about Relapse?

DipteraNecroHart: it's determination, it's been through so many changes and almost died many times

BigBadGangsta150: I know you, I have spoke to you alot about Relapse and I know you want this project to survive. Even if you are down to one member will you give up? I am hoping no.

DipteraNecroHart: hell no, i mean, i have put too much into this tc to let it die

BigBadGangsta150: Give us a quick overview of what to expect when playing Relapse.

DipteraNecroHart: well if you have read my story then it gives a short look at Relapse

DipteraNecroHart: mainly my orignal idea was just to make a small tc, but that changed alot

BigBadGangsta150: well thanks for your time and I cant wait until Relapse is done.

DipteraNecroHart: pleased

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I also did an interview with someone. You may remember

Ralphis SFR6: So BBG, when did you decide to come out of the closet?

BigBadGangsta150: When i looked at my father naked. I knew I loved cock by that time

Ralphis SFR6: What made you so retarded? I mean REALLY retarded.

BigBadGangsta150: Well, I think it happened when I got dropped onto blacktop when I was a baby. My parents really didn't like me because I was so ugly. They still don't. LOL!

Ralphis SFR6: Is there anything else you'd like to say before I end this interview. (I think we've heard what we wanted to hear)

BigBadGangsta150: Yes. I'd just like to say that I am one of the biggest retards to ever step within 5 feet of a computer and that I hope someone shoots me very soon.

And that about wraps it up

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Your just pissed cause I did something constructive with my time other than look at porn all day.

You're insulting a lot of people there...

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Oh well. Maybe shoulda specified. Sorry zaldron, deadnail, darkstorm, captain skippy, katgut, archvile64, and well fuck it, the rest of ya...cept you Ralphis.

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I was going to say something stupid... but I love your avatar too much. =)

"Its theoretically impossible so technically its not my fault!"

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I was going to say something stupid... but I love your avatar too much. =)

What the hell is so special bout my avatar?

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I was going to say something stupid... but I love your avatar too much. =)

What the hell is so special bout my avatar?

Maybe he spares you because he thinks of the cat-guy on your avatar going down the street hand-in-hand with the lovely red_warrior fox. That definateley would look cute. He has a heart :)

"Pains of love are sweeter far
than all other pleasures are"

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