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Hate: Chapter Four

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and when Adam woke up next to mary he checked his Rolex and it said with mineral certainty that it was five past two p.m. so he reached over to his bedside table and opened the second drawer, revealing a large and gleaming knife which he picked up and then everything ends no j/k and when Adam wakes up, covered in sweat and pale like the corpse of a little girl, the ribbon in her hair the soft blue of her unfocused and rolling eyes, it’s three months later and he’s on a yacht floating on an ocean that is a thick and dark and fucked-up red, lying on a sofa next to a bay window that almost lets him believe that he’s watching a film and not really at sea at all (although of course Return to Horror High has no scenes involving boating of any sort, let alone the exceedingly rare ‘boat-on-sea-of blood’ variety). He’s dressed somewhat improbably in a white tuxedo I picked up at Goodwill for six bucks and used as a costume for Camp at Broken Hill, with a red shirt on underneath that’s covered in motor oil and bleach stains (not that Adam knows that shit), and has an overpowering urge to urinate, so, after slipping on some turquoise foam rubber sandals (mary’s?) that give his outfit a pseudo-patriotic feel (for a nation that is dead, of course), he steps outside onto the deck of the yacht and pisses off the side of the boat, observing with a certain natural curiosity how his urine crackles as it comes in contact with the churning menstrual sea. As he zips his pants he thinks he sees a ghost climbing an old and dead tree, gurgling and moaning, with it’s eyes crossed and useless, and it’s hands keep shaking and won’t stop and it looks right at the camera and fucking screams and then mary taps him on the shoulder and startles him and he reaches for his Desert Eagle but stops himself and instead listens as she greets him and explains that everyone is eating breakfast and he’s late again, sleepyhead. Adam says “oh” and then follows her to the kitchen, where a huge assortment of food has been laid out on various counters and bars and tables and Adam grabs five poached eggs and sticks some tomatoes and bananas and milk and ice into a blender and liquefies the shit and puts the concoction in a glass and takes it and then enters the dining room, where at least twenty people (actually, Adam counts exactly 23: Giles Nurse, George C. Andrews, Victor Janos, Michael Baigent, Sheldon Renan, James Bamford, Wilhelm Schmitz, William Bramley, Deer Kelpie, J. H. Brennan, H. P. Lovecraft, Bill Brian III, William T. Still, Lee Harvey Oswald, Noam Chomsky, William Sloane Coffin, Celia Vigil, John Coleman, Masami Akita, William Cooper, Alraune Scylla, Sheldon Emery, Jenna Jameson, Dana-Christene Umanetz , Ralph A. Epperson, Nepanhakiel Arrus, Sherman Skolnick, James Courant, Manly P. Hall, Stan Brakhage, James Earl Ray, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Charles Higham, John Whalen, Charles Harrelson, Luther Blissett, David Icke, Eddie Van Halen, Jonathan Vankin, Bob Lazar, Thomas Szasz, William F. Jasper, Michael A. Hoffman II, Judas Iscariot, Perry Raymond Russo, Lyndon Johnson, Richard X. Frager, The Zodiac Killer, Jeanine Jizm, Zecharia Sitchin, Rosemary Clooney, Jim Keith, Jim Jones, James Dean, Cyril Wecht, Tim Finnegan, Francis King, Rybread Celsius, James Sanders, Chris Gore, Tawny Roberts, Michael Wolf, Judi Pope Koteen, Neal Wilgus, Earl Warren, Captain William Morgan, Joseph Campbell, Joel Kurtzman, Katan McTolken, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Levine, Chris Marker, Walter Reed, John F. Fitzgerald, Walter Sickert, John Connor, James Garrison, Barry Lynes, R. Budd Dwyer, Jan Van Helsing, Edith Starr Miller, Greg Martin, W. H. Bowart, Beth Monroe, Doug Moench, Jacob Rubinstein, Paul Allen, Eustace Mullins, Preston B. Nichols, Devon, Tito Solomon Pharmakos, Albert Mackey, Anthony C. Sutton, Valdamar Valerian, Cathy O’Brien, Henry Sloane Coffin, Hale Boggs, Clive Cussler, Norma Jean Baker, Roland Perry, Perry Roland, Wilfrid Sheed, Marion Johnson, James Shelby Downard, David Ferrie, Michael Collins Piper, Allen Dulles, Adrian Miles, Terry Reed, Seth A. Robinson, John Cummings, Ron Jeremy, Carole Quigley, Boris Carloff, Geoffrey Jones, and Benjamin Christensen) are milling about or seated and eating and Eddie Van Halen and Stan Lee and James Cole and Paul Warren are playing poker. Adam finds a circular table that’s empty and sits there in a shitty green plastic lawn chair, mary seating herself next to him in a velvet recliner the color of failure, and he asks her how long he slept and she tells him that they finally passed out around two in the morning and mary might not really be there and then she squeezes his arm playfully and asks him how he feels and he says “I feel fucking hungry” and they spend the rest of his meal in silence except when Adam tells a joke and it goes like this:

Q: What do you get when you cross a nigger and a spic?

A: Someone too lazy to steal!

And mary totally won’t shut the fuck up and when Adam closes his eyes he sees towering walls of flame and infants being crushed between endless gears and raw meat covered in thick juicy worms and Chloe’s hand on his dick, her fingernails painted an ugly shade of blue and suddenly Adam gets so upset that he practically screams at mary “Hey! Remember that movie True Lies? What the fuck does that mean? It doesn’t even make any fucking sense!” and then he eats the rest of his eggs. Afterwards, mary leads Adam back to her(?) cabin and slams the door and slams him into the wall and begins kissing at him hungrily and he gropes a breast with his left hand and then she pulls away and gives him a grin and pushes him onto the bed and begins to slowly unzip his pants, finally revealing his flaccid penis, which she strokes and rubs gently and rhythmically until it stiffens before lowering her mouth to it, licking his cock from it’s head to it’s base. Then she opens her mouth and envelopes it, her soft lips slowly sliding down, almost covering it’s full length, and begins sucking softly, cupping and gently squeezing his balls with one hand and circling and tickling his anus with the other. Adam’s moans increase and mary becomes more aggressive, and when Adam’s breathing has markedly quickened she begins sucking and licking at the head of his cock with remarkable speed and passion, using one hand to masturbate him and plunging the middle finger of the other into his asshole. She looks up at Adam and as he’s about to come she pushes on his prostate with her finger, prolonging and intensifying his orgasm until he feels as if he’s no longer a three-dimensional being in a three-dimensional world and instead he is surrounded by complex and dynamic geometric patterns and figures that integrate with his mutable form, burning into his gray flesh at extreme high frequencies, and his teeth rattle and smolder and images change very rapidly while staying absolutely the same and he sees The Ambassadors and Beth Haim and a rat with the body of a bird and two huge black silhouettes and a coffin underground between them and all the clocks in the world have stopped so how did mary know when he fell asleep and he is the white lightning being and the world is the color of burnt umber and neon green and he is spiraling down and yelling and it is a speech balloon and it says “ABSCESS PALSY ULCER GANGRENE CANCER VOMIT RUPTURE CANKER SMALLPOX MEASLES SCARLET FEVER LOCKJAW TYPHOID JAUNDICE NUMBNESS SCALDING SPLINTER LEECHES MADSTONE STILLBORN MOURNING TULKU NGAKPA” and the room shrinks down to the size of a neutron and we all transcend the maya and three months later and a yacht and blood shoots out of one of his nostrils and both ears in massive and comical quantities and his words and deeds echo out backward and forward through the entire cavernous history of the human race on Earth from when grey first came down from heaven and fucked ape to the eradication of man by reptoid in the year 2305 (the law of syllogism/psalm caviar caviar caviar) and he dreams of dust and filth and shit and blood and vomit and rot and leprosy and third-degree burns and amputations and stench and ash and rust and sand and losing his buttons and he sees a torch-lit procession and a crucified dog and an asp the color of oil in sunlight blinks its three milk-white eyes in advanced cryptograms and slithers into his mouth and burrows inside his skull and he feels something break and his hands won’t stop shaking and he sees a dead tiger in a hut with the legs of a fowl and he experiences true and holy obedience for the first and last time in the distended grin of a baby with its lips removed and he explodes with the tingle of four phantom limbs as if he was a huge and mutilated spider and she continues to suck on and masturbate his swollen cock as he fills her mouth with semen and webbing until finally the pleasure becomes too sharp and exact to stand and he asks her to stop and she does. Can you believe it? An Okie named this puppy. In honor of the '98 dustbowl, I give you this - a whip with which to scar yourself hideously. This is a substance that absorbs boundaries.

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it might also be worth noting that i am currently 20,254 words into a novel that contains my doom fanfic work, along with many other various insane things.

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spider and she continues to suck on and masturbate his swollen cock as he fills her mouth with semen and webbing until finally the pleasure becomes too sharp and exact to stand and he asks her to stop and she does. Can you believe it?

WTF! WTF! WTF! WTF! WTF! what the fuck dude thats just fucking grosse! this is a doom fan fic thread not a porn store. I know that it's your work and you can put waht ever you want in it but some stuff can edited and/or taken out.

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oh, it's cool. thanks for reading it.

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