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Gary the Llama

Best Doom Level Editor?

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Back when Doom was first released I used to make my own maps with Waded. Oh how I loved that tool, it was fantastic.

So I've decided to do a bit of Doom map making for the heck of it - while waiting for Doom 3 to come out - and I'd like to know what the best level editor is now? And what was the last version of Waded released?

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No one can really answer your question. There are many very powerful editors out there, you just have to try the one that you think is best for you. My personal favorites were:

DEU / WinDEU32
Doom Builder
MacDEU / Demon

You should try each of them. The ones I currently use are Doom Builder and DETH, so maybe you should take a look at those first. There are many others you can look for out there, such as:

DoomCAD (unstable in WinXP)
idEdit (unstable in WinXP)
ADE 1 or 2 (unstable in WinXP)
LevelEdit (by me, based on DETH code)
DMapEdit (unstable in WinXP)
WHY (source only, must be compiled. Runs on Windows, Linux, WinCE)
XWE (it has a map editing plugin)

There are, without a doubt, countless more that you'll have to look for if you don't see one you like in this list, but be flexible when you select an editor; your editor can become your best friend, or your greatest enemy, and if you like more than one because of features one has but another doesn't, use them in a combination. That's kinda all I can say on that subject due to lack of a brain.

EDIT: Also, you'll notice that many alternate editors are not stable under Windows XP. What I'm referring to by this is that many of them use only the 410k of conventional memory (I think?) and Windows XP acts like a pussy with conventional memory. So therefore, you need full-on DOS to run them properly. And the last version of WadED was a beta version of 1.83 (IIRC).

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Yeah, MOST people, but that doesn't necessarily make it the best. He should try as many as he can and choose which one he prefers. And a little bit: Are you more comfortable with DOS or Windows editors? Depending on your choice, I'll post a list of the top-rated DOS/Windows editors out there for you to check out.

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