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who is Buckshot?

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"I was hanging out in a IRC channel when someone suddenly appraised me for telling the first release date truth about doom 3..... and then the whole damn place started to cheer after they linked to this very thread..... and then it got reallya quite and the asked where the hell i came from and how i knew it was gonna go gold as soon as it did........

so i told 'em this:

To all those from DOOMWORLD.COM, you know me as Buckshot from the old IRC day's....

thats in case your wondering...."

found this over at:


this guy seems who claims to be BUCKSHOT from this site keeps nailing every little detail about DOOM 3 on a dime.... alot of forums are listening to him more than they are activision and id software themselves

anyone know him?

just curious.... thought u guys might like to know


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