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Okay im running XP and yesterday there was a power outage,now i have a surge protector so i dont think it is my power supply but for some reason my computer will not load XP, well actually it does..it loads all the way to my desktop and then like 1 second after it pulls my desktop up it crashes. But it will load all the way up in safe mode so that beggs the question wtf. I have all my info but i can't move it or anything..so i cant really reinstall XP..like thats not an option, I will buy another cpu before i loose all my info. Now can someone help me. I think that i want to set windows back to defult but i don't no how, running safe mode..plus i can't remember the god damn cmd prompts anymore and i dont want to fuck it up more so someone help. BTW i only have one other cpu before my gaming cpu and that is in the shop getting rebuilt and that is this dumb old laptop to talk to you guys.

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Power surges can do a lot of damage. A friend of mine just fried something in his that won't allow him to use any video cards at all. He's tried two seperate GF5700's and niether of them will load windows. He can load windows without the graphic drivers installed though.

He's screwed, right before Doom. Good thing he has a good job.


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I found the problem...I think that it cut the power in a key part in the windows load up or something cause i just rebuilt the load interface and then recopied the load prompts for the cpu and that fixed it. Nothing like having friends that can tell you what to do.. cause i would have never done that.

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