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Doom 3 release date in Canada?

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Alright Todd Hollenshed said that it would be August 2nd it should be in the major stores (I.E. best buy, etc etc) in the US, however I am just north of the border, in a pretty big city of about 400,000 only a 3 hour drive from the US border and along the major highway that goes to Toronto (biggest canadian city) so I am on a major transportation route. So just wondering what the speculated date is? I'm just hoping it's here before the weekend, as they won't be shipping it here over the weekend I know this for a fact, and I'll sit here all weekend...crying like a little girl.

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i dont know where you got the aug 2nd date
as todd said it may be available aug 3rd at the earliest

And 2nd
games almost always take 2 more days for it to show on shelves in stores in canada

your only bet on getting it on the 3rd is if you preordered the game from a online store

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I live in Nova Scotia Canada and don't expect to see it till the 4th or 5th. I preordered from EB. But I will call them the Saturday before the release and see if they have an expected shipment arrival time for it.


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