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Friendly sprites

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I was just wondering if there was a way to put sprites in that would attack other monsters, but not the player? Like have some human marines follow you along and help you fight. Can it be done?

Sorry, this should be in questions... I honestly didn't see the Question Forum... Once again, sorry. Could someone move this please?

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I saw it in dsv3war.zip. Some monsters are friends, they don't bite you, they can help you killing the evil ones but they must be hit before.

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Any port that uses MBF's friendly monsters can do it, such as MBF, Eternity, SMMU (?) and possibly others. You can also use scripting in zdoom to make friendly monsters (sort of).

The great thing about the mbf monsters is that monsters revived by an archvile become friendly.

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MBF Has the best friendly monster code, you specify that the monsters are friendly in your map editor and they work with you and activley fight enemies (and enemies fight them), also archvile ressurections 'turn' dead enemies into friends.

Zdoom allows for 'scripted marines', i dont really know how they work, but they have a certian weapon, and are a little bit smarter than the monsters and fight them with you.

finally EDGE allows you to create new monsters, or copy and paste the old ones, and make them friendly, and also make friendly marines, turrets, anything really..but they are just as dumb as monsters (fight each other ect), and friendly and enemy archviles will ressurect anything, but wont 'turn it', so if you had a 'medic' who could bring your dead marines back to life, he would also ressurect dead enemies, then be killed by them. Also normal monsters in EDGE (those with no specified 'side') will ignore the player's friends until attacked by them, though they did say this would change on thier forums, but i dont know when they will do it

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