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Lifetime in Limbo - Starting up

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Well, this is my first (and probably only) serious attempt at pulling together a small modding team for Lifetime in Limbo for Doom 3.

I still have the plot and everything written down from the Original concept/story, but I would like to get a headstart on the mod with the new engine coming out.

If anybody is interested in helping me out, I would be most grateful.

What I need is somebody who would be interested in doing this with me. I am pretty easy to work with in all honesty, and I am pretty open-minded to ideas and contributions. Anyways, on to the actual "meat" of the project:

Here's what I need for the mod:

Mappers - Experience with CSG-based engines, especially those using Radiant as Doom3 will use the Radiant development tools.

Modelers - Not completely necessary for character modeling, but if I remember correctly Doom 3 will have better support for Static Mesh importation (a la UT2003/4) so it will be easier to implement architectural objects like Pillars, arches, etc... Maya or Lightwave experience helps.

Texture artists - The big one. I know that prior to Doom 3, texture creation was less complicated than now, but somebody (and I certainly am not one of them at the moment) that is familiar with utilizing the bump-mapping and specularity features of the textures would be asked to help.

The kinds of textures I need are urban-themed textures, especially those of the types that would represent, for example, bricks on a building, vinyl siding on a small house, all traffic sign textures and street/sidewalk textures, et cetera. Further down the mod (if it kicks off) I plan on getting the darker, more sinister motif in the maps, so if you are interested, plan on doing those too.

I already have a concept of how the story goes which I posted in another thread, but it was a little more ambiguous. Here's a paraphrased copy of the plot*:

Of course, it involves "Our Hero" at his hometown of (Wherever he is), USA. The urban, 21st century setting is still prevalent in this town and contrasted with the Mars base, it would almost seem quaint. The Doomguy lives in a single-tenant apartment in the residential area of the suburb outside of a large metropolis (maybe NYC or Minneapolis?). Upon waking one day, he finds that his home town is under attack by the hellspawn he fought off on Mars and they are exclusively looking for him. Their first aim is to take out "Doomguy,"
as they found him to be a formidable foe. The motive of the attack is not only one of world dominance, but also of retribution against the lone marine that single-handedly defeated them on Mars. The Doomguy fights his way through to the outskirts of the city where he is pursued relentlessly by his demonic attackers. He is pursued through the forest and into a nearby abandoned industrial park. This park is a huge, full-sized industrial processing plant complete with a railway station and numerous train carts. As the Doomguy fights his way through the industrial area...

And the rest will be revealed to anybody who is interested.

In any case, if you're interested, please contact me via AIM (AJS22542) or MSN (Astewart41@hotmail.com)

* = This is assuming that Doomguy doesn't spontaneously combust at the end of the game, or the sun novas and destroys the galaxy.


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I don't forsee that this will generate an awful lot of interest, unless you post some screenshots to show that yes, the project is actually being worked on.

Q: "But how can I post screenshots when there's nobody to help me?"
A: Learn to use the mapping editor that comes with Doom 3 (once it's released) and start working on a bunch of maps (they won't need to be textured or anything).

People here don't want to work with a guy who can't even make maps himself, but if you can somehow prove to them that you can at least work with a map editor, then perhaps people will be more willing to help you out.

Aside from that, I immediately lost interest in your project when I read the story. Considering how serious a plot Doom 3 is going to have, it's probably a good idea to come up with something decent.

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Well, that was the "original" script from the EDGE version.

And to be honest, I am perfectly capable of working with Map Editors... I have worked with Radiant for years now. I have just never made many releases (I have a pretty fun MOH map out at the moment I made a while back, which I could send to anybody if they wanna try it).

Obviously, the script needs to be refined as "room above room" is no longer an amazing feat in video games, and the train carts were, at the time, pretty fuckin' cool.

But then again, I figured that script would seem pretty mediocre, which is why I asked for help with the mod.

Basically the plot is meant to deepen, taking a lot of it from the word "Limbo," basically meaning it seems like his torment will never end. He seeks closure to it and assurance it won't happen again.

But I guess I could toss a newer script together now that Doom 3 is out, but I am not a novelist, so I can only lay down the backstory for the mod to be, well, "modeled" around (no pun intended).

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Actually, that is an unfair comparison insomuch as it is not really an "apples to apples" (beat the shit out of this in other threads) comparison.

The Radiant Tools allow for much more in-depth tweaking of your architecture, yes. That is the nice thing about CSG Additive varieties of engines.

On the other hand, with the Subtractive based engines (such as UnrealEd and MaxEd) things are much more easier in the way of light leaking errors. Also, it is much more convenient to import static meshes into your maps with those without having to use an md(1-3) converter and then make another package.

Like I said, not a truly fair comparison. They're both excellent editors in my mind.

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