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Getting sounds

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This is going to sound weird...but how do you like get sounds from flash movies or other things like music or sounds embedded into sites to be able to save them as .wavs? It sounds a little stupid but I was just wondering if there was a program that could get sounds from other sites and save them to .wavs.

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first off you need premission if you plan on useing them, unless they are public domain. there is no way to get them out of a flash movie, at least i dont think there is an easy way. as for sites, ask the admin of the site.

example you want the really sweet kick ass music of post hell, well ask a DW admin.

movies, no go. unless you have good software that can rip it apart and edit.
or you could hold a microphone to your speakers...

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Damn...I wanted to get this hilarious sound from the flash movie "STFU n00b" where the "n00b" starts spitting out things like "U CHEETING FAGGOT!" I guess I can microphone it.

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