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My stupid version of "d_stalks"

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This mid has some fantastic drumwork, but other than that, it pretty much... well, it honestly sucks. It's not catchy at all. Except maybe that riff towards the end. Pianos usually aren't the way to go with doom mids. I'd stick to overdriven/distorted guitars. Other than that last part, this is something I could imagine hearing in an elevator. In other words, this isn't hellspawn-slaying music, IMO. :)

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I disagree with SirBardCat, and I like it... not all tracks need sound totally hellish or dark; it depends on the map style and gameplay. I played this one back with the game's MUS engine, on Map02 itself, and it sounded great. It does remind one of d_stalks in some ways.

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Nice...I like it. Good alternitive to the plain ol' map02 11 and 17 music.

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