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Just wondering what this little feature does.

You can find it by going to Options, Sound options, and it SHOULD be there.

Since my integrated sound-card doesnt feature "EAX" sound, I cant test this out, so could someone with an EAX compatibale sound card PLEASE turn this on, try a map, then turn it off, exit ZDOOM, then restart ZDOOM to see if it makes any difference?

Thanks for any help - just wondering what this little feature actually does. =)


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mje said:

There's no mention of it in ZDoom's faq?

ZDoom has a faq?

I would imagine that on cards that support it, sounds in deep water sectors would have some effect to make it sound a bit underwaterish.

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What this does is, when you're in an "underwater" sector, any sound will have a faint echo about it.

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