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Doom 3 on penny arcade

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PA was actually funny circa 1999 or so. But it's been pure crap for years now.

Although this latest strip somewhat captures the older style.

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I dunno, while I don't find every strip funny they still make me laugh. It's come along way since loonigames...

Any way I wonder if they are ready to apologize for their merciless bashing of doom 3? Seriously, even if Id released screenshots of doom 3 that featured romero in a clown suit as an enemy, I'd sit back and say to my self, "You know, that looks kind of gay, but it's Id god damn it, so it will be good."

From Penny-arcade.com
"We haven't had polite things to say regarding their upside-down devil heads, or their other monsters, salvaged as they were from discarded junior high peechees. That said, I've never considered a reality where I did not obtain the game the moment it was released at retail. Isn't that something. I'm opposed to it on virtually every level, and it's still got that hook in my mouth, in my gums - hauling me to some unidentified retail outlet."

Yeah you know you want it, bitches.

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