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Need a particular wall texture

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I'm working on a hellish level, (since being inspired by Deus Vult) and I need something new. I tried using the same ROCKRED1, but I don't like the way it looks, and the oscillating light. SP_HOT would be good, but I want rock and not brick.

Does anyone have, or know where I can find a cool red rock texure like ROCK1 in red? I'd prefer 128x128, but I'll use anything that gives the right look. I will give full credit to whoever helps me out with this.

I don't have any paint programs that I can load the proper palette into to get it to work.

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chilvence said:


But I did actually make mine from scratch, so yours doesnt count :P

please list the exact programs and I'll figure out the rest, thanks =)

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If you just want to change the pallete of a texture get irfan view. (check out download.com) It's easy to use and totally free. All it really does is add effects to images though, ie you can't create new images.

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Wow! Excellent! Both of them. :) Thanks so much.

I saved them and will try to get them into the wad. I am still having trouble getting patches to work with XWE. (Wintex just confuses me to no end.) But I did make a note and will certainly include credit when it's done.

Also thanks for the info about Irfranview. I have that and didn't know it would do such things.

I used Image Analyser, another free program, to change the RBG values of WOLF2, but then it was all mest up when I applied the Doom palette. Terrible wanting to do things and lacking the skills and tools to do them, but I keep trying. :)

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Just download it and have a play, it generates textures smaller than 255*255 without the demo watermark. Although I havent had it for thirty days yet, so I cant say how much it cripples after the trial period.

On the other hand, I dont suppose it would matter. Apart from the fact that no one will know or care, they're all textures that you could have generated yourself anyway.

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I got it working finally! Thanks so much Chilvence! They look awesome. :) CHILSTON and ICHOROK1 worked just great for unique names, and I will include credit in the text file. I'm just going crazy now with this new skill, looking for other textures I can use.

Other than making them yourself, or pirating them from someone elses wad, I did find this collection I am going through now, http://doomworld.com/afterglow/textures.shtml
I also found some packs here, realsimpsons.com/doomvault

If anyone knows of any other packs or collections of textures, I would like to know about them.

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This is the link to Image Analyzer. http://meesoft.logicnet.dk/ The site is bloody slow to load, but the program is solid.

With XWE, you can copy the Doom palette out of the IWAD, and save it in Image Analyzer.

With Image Analyser you can open any image, resize it, modify it with all sorts of special effects, convert to 256 colors, then import the Doom palette and you have a texture!

Sometimes applying the Doom palette makes it look real strange compared to what you wanted, but opening it with a simple paint program will allow you to recolor the pixels, since now, your 256 color bitmap will be made with the Doom palette.

I do have another question though: This worked great creating wall textures, but when I try flats they are all messed up. Some sort of diagonal resizing is happening when I add them to a wad. Anyone know what causes this, or what I am doing wrong?

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