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super pack

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i want to build a battery pack that will give me at least 2 hours of good power for my laptop. this is an external pack.

the voltage and current output of my charger is 19v DC and 3.16A 60W max

however the standard voltage for most laptops can go lower, though will not charge battery as fast. We sell adapters and battery packs at work, however they are horribly expensive

now i am ruleing out AA batteries, while it would work it would not give me the life i need. so i am looking at c and d cells.

rechargable batteries hold a less voltage and power. i am useing modules that hold 8 cells, 2 of these are about 19 volts. however i am not sure how high i need to go. i know not to go over 19v and 3.16A
i guess i can start by buying the modules. have any of you guys done this before??

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Sephiroth said:

Have any of you guys done this before??

No, but I got an M-80 waiting to be lit.

Aren't there batteries out there that can last more than two hours? And can't you just buy two or three of them and switch em out? I don't know.


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Dull subject, few replies, stupidest bump message imaginable...

I hereby declare this the WORST BUMP EVER.

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