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doomsday trouble

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i just downloaded the new doomsday

jdoom works fine with doom2.wad but when i try to run anything else the only thing i ever get is just the doom2.wad levels.

in the command prompt if all i dype is

cd C:\doom2


it runs doom2 in jdoom

but if say i do,

jdoom.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file painevil.wad

i still only get to play the doom2.wad levels

what gives?

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Is painevil.wad for Doom2? And are you warping to the correct level?

You don't need to use both the -iwad and -file commands as Doomsday will realise that it is an IWAD.


-file doom2.wad painevil.wad

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What, you don't know Painful Evil. Shame on you, it's even one of the best 100 WADs in DW's 10-years-thingy. Anyway, it's for Doom2 and it's on Map01. Are you sure the WAD is actually loaded? Maybe JDoom is looking in a wrong path.

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Wow your right, that's a great wad (so far). I've got the yellow key and crossed the bridge across the blood pool but now I'm stuck, any ideas?

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-file doom2.wad painevil.wad does not work

jdoom.exe -file painevil.wad does not work either

it still just loads doom2 levels

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Where have you put painevil.wad?

If it's in C:\Doomsday\Wads then use:

-f C:\Doomsday\Wads\Painevil.wad

Or if it's in Data\jDoom:

-f Painevil.wad

EDIT: Just completed it. Awesome wad, totally deserves it's place in that list.

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Use the launcher (assuming it comes with jdoom). I just have the full Doomsday install and start a game from the 'kicks.exe' launcher.

I think launching jdoom from the command line is a lot more complicated than just loading the wads, i'd check but i'm at work.

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