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Skulltag CTF starts

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It's a bit complicated. First, open up a ctf map in your map editor, then open up the scrips and copy that to your scripts lump. Then, copy the entire starting point sectors and Things and paste that somewhere too.

But if you are using DB it's ALOT mroe complicated, you might want to delete all of say d2ctf1's sectors and things (except for the starting point area), then copy and paste your level and things. Then save the map AS A DIFFERENT WAD. Because if you hit save while editing skulltag.wad you will be screwed. ;) Then, you may want to open XWE and delete everything but your level, which should be at the bottom of the list.

OR, you could just overwrite the acc.exe in your DB dir with the one from the skulltag editing package and then save your script, then you'll be ok. But you'll need to back it up and restore that ACC.exe in case you want take up zdoom editing again.

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Heh, they should implement something more friendly, like "Co-op starts 1-4 are the red team, 5-8 are the blue team"

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Its not that complicated at all.

First of all you must get the ST editing package. In this package is an ACS compiler (acc.exe) and several .acs files, which you need to copy to your DB folder. Indeed you should backup the original files, because they are meant for ZDoom editing. And you edit your map with the "Skull Tag (Doom in Hexen format)" configuration.

Now the rest is the same for every map editor you use. Just take a look at other ST maps (in skulltag.wad) and do as they did. You may want to copy the script from the map and paste it in your own map. Use the "Player Temporary start" as the entrance spawnpoints (in a special room) and 'teleports' with lines that activate the scripts. use "Player Red start" and "Player Blue start" for the spawns in red/blue bases. The flags also use lines that you have to walk over which activate a script to score.

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