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Naked Snake

And Chaos Ensued

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The scientists tinkered with their precious toys, adjusting settings and taking readings. The future was being changed here as they worked. Teleportation could bring salvation to mankind! Just think, the human race could save so much by not having to ship goods around by vehicles, supplies could be sent to needy countries instantly, relief aid could be avaible in mere seconds! Little did these tinkering fools know what the future really held in store for them...

They really should have realized there was a problem from the get-go. The first 5 "volunteers" (criminals sent from the lunar base on Earth's moon) came out of the other side of the teleporter absolutely fucking insane. They would become intensely violent, then, when subdued, they would mumble and shout to themselves and eventually, they suddenly exploded into a big pile of guts and bones. Neither the scientists nor the janitors were pleased with the way things were going so far.

The next group of volunteers was ready and set to go. A few adjustments were made to various settings and the word was given to start the device. The first volunteer stepped up to the platform, sweating, gripping his knife (they weren't allowed guns) tightly. They motioned for him to go and he lept into the teleportation field. Moments later, he flew back out and hit a wall with a heavy smack, crushing his spine and back ribs instantly. Out of the twirling crimson field of the teleporter stepped a demonic beast. It was HUGE! As soon as it entered the room, it began upending desks, throwing scientists and destroying equipment. Suddenly, skulls started to fly out all over the place. They attacked anyone who was still upright and in mere seconds they became the walking undead. Guards outside the room were changed as well. Soon, they too began to convert others by their infectious bite. Unbeknownst to our hero, the station was slowly being overrun.

Could this all have been prevented? Surely, if the U.A.C. had taken more careful steps and had been less arrogant. Granted, what they were doing could have had a tremendous impact on civilization, it did, just not in the way intended...

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The title reminds me of something they'd call a map for UD's E4. You got that part of the universe right, anyway. I think. :)

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