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quake 3

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i just reinstalled quake III arena to play while waiting for doom3

it installed fine but EVERY SINGE TIME i try to play, it jsut says quake3.exe has generated an error and would i like to send an error report. is quake III not compatible with a 64-bit processor?

AMD AThelon 3000+ 64-bit processor
radeon 9800 XT 256mb
ASUS K8V SE Delux Motherboard
512 mb pc2100 memory

any suggestions at all??

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It shouldn't be the processor, but that is the only thing that makes sense, unless more the problem is described in more detail.

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You sure you're running the point release 1.32 patch (or whatever is the latest) ?

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Godshatter said:

windows xp

I run the game fine on XP, no problems, but it says somewhere in either the readme or the game manual that there 'might be issues with XP', or something. Try getting all the latest updates for your OS (service pack 1 and so on).
Otherwise, and I'm only speculating here, there might be an issue with your graphics card. Do you know if your ATI card has any issues with Q3A? Ask around and see.

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there should be no issue with the CPU. chances are you have the 32 bit version anyways. if you do have a 64bit version, i havnt seen it. it could be a bug with windows

try updating all drivers, windows and the game

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Stealthy Ivan said:

Quake 3? Whats that???
Haha, it dont work, so sell it, it sucks anyways...

Yeah seriously -- Quake III by far has the worst weapon balance I've ever seen in a deathmatch game. Unreal Tournament's goo gun is cooler than anything in Quake III, anyway.

At any rate, you wouldn't want to have anything to do with such horrible maps for 1v1 like pro-q3dm6 or ztn3tourney1. If I were you, I'd go play a deathmatch game that's actually COOL where you can run over people in vehicles and play on huge maps with no strategic value! That sounds fun to me!

Besides, it's not like anybody plays Quake III anyway. I mean, geeze, challenge-tv.com, cyberfight.org, and events like ESCW and QuakeCon don't really exist either.

I mean, it doesn't say ANYTHING about the quality of the game that it's almost five years old and thousands of people still play it, and the pros favor it, whereas with like Painkiller and FarCry are in their infancy with a dead multiplayer scene already.

Yeah, man, I gotta tell you, Quake III is horrible.

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Quake 3 is a lot of fun. Stupid fun, but fun no less. The engine is very solid, too.

I SO didn't edit this post. LIES I TELL YOU LIES

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I swear i met sephiroth here the other day on a quake 3 server. Could've easily been someone else though.

Otherwise i have xp and have had no problems with quake 3 so far.

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