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Targo Cover

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Targo (on the left) is a character I created back when I was in grade 4. He was inspired by Word Muncher, heh. He's one of my lesser known avatars, but he was my first true original creation, and because of that, he has a special place in my heart. I've contemplated creating a comic series staring him, off and on; I have other projects going on, so it won't be happening soon.

I was just sitting in my room, listening to music, when I all of a sudden felt like drawing up a Targo comic cover. Three Dark Sagas, one Meteora and a Believe later (I measure how long I do something by how many albums I go through), I had this.

I didn't try anything new or hard when making this, but I'm unusually proud of it. I guess it's because this is my best Targo pic ever. I feel this image is quite righteous, and figured I'd post it up in here.

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I'm not really a fan of manga or anime, but this is one cool drawing. I'm looking forward to see at least one comic.

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Targo's green. =)

The Targo mood is very retro sci-fi; like 1950's retro. That's flying sausers, rubber suits and little green aliens. Another character, Zeek, sports the cliché alien imagery. Think Futurama.

I would colour it if I could.

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