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Still need help.

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Can someone please give me a direct link to the actual download of this "zdoom" port. Everyone i ask gives me a url to a list of files. From there, im lost again. Its simple guys, yet it seems so damn complicated.. all i want to do is play doom. Legally. I can play it illeagly all i want. This is my last attempt than ima just stick to the warez, i can at least play that one. You people here dont want us acting all noob like and not talkin about downloading warez.. here i been trying now for about a week to get hooked up with what i need and all i get are answers that you all give eachother.. remember, im new here, iwads, pwads, zdoom,jdoom.. all words ive seen for the 1st time, about a week ago. Im eager to learn, and im very very sorry if im sounding like nothing more than a cockwad (lol, theres that wad word again) but you can imagine my frustration.

in a nutshell.
What do i have to start with? An Iwad right.. meaning a full version of the game, right? Fully installed.

There isnt a page somewhere with just a list of files one would need to get goin? You would think that such a dedicated community would have one. Maybe once i figure it all out, ill slap a step by step page together, recounting everything it took to get my ass hooked up.

come on guys, break it down for me. Someone out there has to be extremely bored with alot of time on thier hands.. hook me up with some step by step im retarded directions, and some direct links.. you know, click this.. and it starts downloading. So far its been.. click this and than its another page with like 50 files on it... wtf do i do now?


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Edit: alright, i feel sorry for you, so I'll give you a glossary

Iwad: The "main" wads, that contain everything needed to make the game playable, doom, doom 2, the final doom Iwads, they all are playable by themselves.

Pwad: A "custom" creation. They need to be used in conjunction with an Iwad to work.

Port: A program that can be used instead of the original Doom.exe, and usually adds more features.

Zdoom: A port, it adds many features, such as high-res, scripting, lots of stuff you probably dont get. Point is, if you download this, you can run Zdoom, rather than Doom.exe, and it allows you to do things the original doom cannot, such as breaking the original limits of Doom.exe, which could bug out if, say... Too many monsters. Zdoom allows you to play all those good ol' "pile o' monster" wads.

Jdoom: Another port, this one... uh, does stuff. I dont use Jdoom, sorry.

Also, if you want Zdoom, go to that website, click the downloads link. and theres a little place called "1.22 release" download that. I suppose you're using windows, so click "zdoom 1.22 (win 32)" You should probably put it in your doom directory. Also, if you want, you can download a program called "Zdoom launcher" Which makes it real easy to load up Pwads and such, instead of using command line parameters. From the looks of it, you dont know what im talking about, so just use zdoom launcher, or another frontend program like that.

I hope that helps

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no need for that guys.. im not stupid. I read the FAQ before i even thought of posting. I thought i would find the answers i needed there. I didnt. And what does google have to do with anything? Thats is how i found this place, but for real, i dont understand why you replied with that. I got the Zdoom, but since i have a warez version, theres no directory for it. Im goin out to try and find a copy of the game somewhere... unless theres a different way. Combustable mentioned that by using the Zdoom port i wouldnt need the doom.exe. but i still need to have an original retail install for any of this to work, correct?

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All you need for any port to work is the port's .exe and an original doom.wad/doom1.wad/doom2.wad/tnt.wad/plutonia.wad.

If you want a legal copy of the game, order it from id Software's online store. They have it setup so that you can pay right there, and you can download it right after you pay. If that's not your preferred way to get the game, go to your local Wal-Mart and buy DOOM Collector's Edition, which contains all three retail products for only $10.

Furthermore, a link to Google was provided so that you would think to use it before you post a question like, "Where can I get ZDoom?"

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