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Custom Title/Avatar Giveaway

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Two years ago, I registered on the forums. I didn't know anyone here and it took a while to get used to using forums. Up until then, all I used was IRC or HTML based chat rooms (which is where I learned all of the basic HTML, by the way). Now I run this joint. Imagine that! And being an administrator, I can do really cool things like this:

And now, it's time for yet another...

Yes folks! It's that time again, for another custom title giveaway. The rules are quite simple.

1. Post your title suggestion(s) that you want and it will be changed. If there is more than one suggestion, then the best one wins.

2. No lame titles. Fairly self-explanatory.

3. No HTML (with one exception, to be explained in a minute) or table breaking titles.

4. Everyone except moderators and super moderators are eligible for a custom title, since they can change their own titles anyway.

5. Because the custom avatars are disabled right now, this is your chance to have your avatar changed to whatever you want. As before, make your suggestion and it will be added to your titles.

6. The avatar must conform to the original limit, which is 36x36 and under 20 KB. Also, no offensive, sick, or lame pictures.

7. The avatars may be in .jpg, .gif, or .png. No .bmps.

8. Moderators and super moderators are eligible for custom avatars, since they cannot use HTML in their titles.

9. Only those who have 250 posts or more are eligible for custom avatars.

10. If you want a custom avatar, but not a new title, your regular title (Member, Forum Regular, etc.) will not change when you reach the necessary posts, since technically it will be a custom title. Hopefully, we will remember to change it when that time comes, but feel free to remind us if we do.

11. This will probably last all day, unless this thread gets so fouled up that it will have to be closed early. If this thread does remain open past midnight tomorrow, any further title suggestions will be ignored.

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"Official Lizardcommando Fanboy"

Since I am. Ask LC yourself!

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"Will start one project, give up, then start another, and possible actually do it."


"I have wet dreams about performing ut2004-like dodging in SkullTag."

edit: (Note to admin, please get try to get rid of that santafish and replace it with my old one, it's 8 months since last xmas! Original Avatar

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I would like my title changed to "Unfortunately it is lethal"

Edit: Thank you, Ichor. I love you.

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addicted to addictions

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And I'd like this to be my avatar: http://www.angelfire.com/mech/images/ashvatar.gif
Ash, from the Evil Dead series in bite sized nearly-incoherent avatar form!

Ever since I hit 250 posts I've been dying to have a custom avatar. I beleive it was right around the time the avatar upload thing stopped working. Talk about irony!

Edit: You gotta copy and paste the URL. Damn angelfire.

Edit edit: If it needs better hosting than that, it will be obtained within the next few hours

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Hyena said:

You fail it.

If it's about the angelfire hosting, I take what I can get. : \

Many thanks to the ones in power for all this!

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"Real Name: Dac Vin"

PS: "Dac Vin" is the name i use for all the stuff i play, but you don't care, right?

EDIT: Oh damn, too much lurking...
EDIT2: Not that it matter, though. Great job!

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I'll do the title, but the picture is a bit too large (48x48).

...attempts to shrink it...

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Eh, just do this one unless you can shrink the other one without making it unanimated.

THANK YOU. Still, keep trying that other one. If you can get it still animated and smaller before the deadline, make it my avatar.

If you can do that...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M'kay.

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Endureth, I may not be the mod, but that pic is kinda big.

36x36 only.

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Endureth said:

No title, I'll earn it later.

Just give him that as a title. :)

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