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Final Progress Report Before Beta Testing Begins

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Here's a summary of the changelog notes to point out what's been accomplished during the past month in getting Eternity ready for its non-beta v3.31 release. You can read the whole thing at the usual location, http://doomworld.com/eternity/engine/ee-changelog2.txt

* Global MapInfo lump support now complete! MapInfo for individual levels can still be embedded into the level header, and will override settings in the global lumps. Global lumps "cascade," so that the newest lump with an entry for a given map is the one that gets used for that map.

* Numerous MapInfo bugs fixed and new variables added.

* Menu bug fix -- When entering text values, the current value will be copied into the temporary input buffer, fixing the long-standing savegame menu issue of having to type the name over every time.

* Keybindings system now supports multiple binding classes, allowing a key to have one binding in each class (allows the menu, automap, etc. to have dynamic keybindings again).

* Cast call no longer ignores sound events defined for the first melee and missile attack frames.

* Key autorepeat under SDL now works better.

* cmdlist console command now accepts a filter parameter.

* Codepointers -- SpawnGlitter enhanced, CounterOp added. CounterOp lets you do an operation on 2 counters and store the result in a third.

* PrBoom MBF comp_stairs fix now applied, improving demo and old map compatibility.

* Heretic E4M1 rising pit bug fixed. Raise and change plats now go into eternal stasis when playing Heretic.

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