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into hell's heart

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As you and your crew head down to the construction lab on the wide, open, dark and loud elevator you look down throught the grated floor to see a row of lights and one large one far down below. "that must be the lab" you wisper. "ah guys" freeman mutters. "one of you must help me operate the robots and build the gate."
Private stout quickly agrees to this. You however want to put the finishing blow onto the reactor and any badasses waiting for you. Suddenly the elavator jerks to a stop and you almost fall. Two great big steel doors covered with cobwebs, dust, dirt and other small debris show that no one has been here in years. Freeman quickly looks for the lock when he finds it he brushes off the dust and runs his card throught. a loud beep followed by a green light, which quickly blows out, tells you that you may enter. You go in to be greeted by a creepy, haunted, and poorly lite room. You kick something on the floor and then pick it up. Its an old magazine that you use to read as a kid and it is 26 years old! Soon some light flicker on but many are blown. computers also turn on. The room's walls are the very rock of phobos with a few large support beams. Wires of all sizes and colors are covering the ceiling some have even fallen through. A large windows sits in front of you giveing you a view to the large and small robots. However this room is clean and repaired. The robots are takeing care of them selves. You then turn to freeman, who is looking out the window, and ask about the reactor. He turns and says "You will need those hazard suits to go there and this key card." You and your fellow hard ass go to the small room to your right to be greeted by more dust and debris. The hazard suits are covered with the rock brown dust and you quickly grab one your size, take off your armor, put it on and put your armor back on. You fell a small rumble. "What the hell is that!?" you blurt. Freeman enters the room and says. "That was the large robot below us fetching the gateway supplies. You then get your weapons and the card from freeman. Then the two of head towards the dark elevator shaft. soon as the elevator begins its downward motion you hear a scream and look up. "SHit its a imp! you say as you duck. the poor creature smashes into the elevator's grated ceiling and is cut to peices. You then wipe the blood from you visor and rip the shatered arm off the mangeled body which is half hanging through the grated ceiling. your friend turns and says "hope we have no more serprises like that!" You then once agian look down through the floor. this time there are almost know lights and it seems as if the hole goes forever into the blackness of space. After ten minutes you check your computer dispaly and see that you only have 1.1 km to go. Checking your weapons and ammo you prepar for a fight. "I hope those bastards are not here too" you say to the sargent. The elevator hits the floor and you are agian greeted with a large steel door. This one is even more dirty and dusty. However no cobwebs on dead insect inhabit this corner of hell. Checking radation levels you see every thing is normal. After opening the massive door you enter a room of almost complete darkness. suddenly a few light flicker on and sparks rain from the battered ceiling as a few of the light explode. You then see a very old computer screen come on in the middel of the room at the center of a large consol. It dispalys a map of the basic reactor and the four cooling chambers. You then input the password freeman gave you and tell it to stop bringging in cooling fluid. after a few warnings it then rells you about a leak in the fluid chamber 2 and of a strnage disturbence in the large chamber near the core. Takeing a few notes you head to the first coolent chamber to arm a bomb. However out of the darkness of the first chamber a cyber spider apears and begians to fire apon the both of you. "SHIT!" sarge yells as he fires a few rounds while sliding across the floor. you see a smaller support beam above the creature cover with wires. you then jump out from behind a pile of large steel UAC boxes and fire at the beam with the plasma rife. With a rain of spark from the plasma and electricity the beam falls on the beast crushing it. The wires then pump in raw energy makeing it twicth and fry. Sarge walks up and pumps a shotgun round into the bloody mass of flesh and steel. "Damn here two! good thing we only need to destroy tweo of these things." you say. After planting the first bomb you head for number 3. However you are met with very little on the way only a small imp attacks you. After you dispatch that bum you place the bomb and head for the core chamber. "Hey Doom. This is too easy I dont have a great feelng about this. Could these fuckers know our plan?" sarge muters. "lets hope not" you say. FInally you are at the core phoboses very heart. When you enter a radation warning goes off and you realize that this is the final part of your mission. Walking in you notcie the creatures have been hear and the a large device sits in the opposite corner. Suddenly 4 imps teleport through the device and begian to attack. The beast are no match for the two of you so you laught it off. One of them is badly wounded but you see the radation is killing it and decide to let it die from it. With out warning there is gun fire and a rummbling roar from behind you. A massive cyber spider appears from behind the reactor firing at you. You pump a plasma round its way but it bounces off some type of force field. "shit!" you scream as you run for cover. Sarge however stands in the open fireing his hand gun at it. bullets bounce off the large metalic legs and the beast turns his way. He screams "die you bastard!!!" Sadly the beast roars and fires a massive plasma bomb the causes his body to explode. The creature then looks for you. hinding behind a consoule in front of the reactor you roll across the floor fireing a shotgun. The creature fires several burst of plasma and bullets. It then roars in anger for not hitting you. You then run sideways as the creature lummbers towards you. finally at is flank you run under in and pace a det pack on its under side. The asshole knocks you back with it powerful leg taking your breath away. You land and roll about 25 feet away. As it prepars to fire but you press the trigger and watch the cyber spider explode with a mess of meat chunks and metal. When the dust settles you hear a warning "Reactor damaged. Warning Critical danger!" the blast damaged a coolent line. four more imps teleport in but are fried by the coolent. you then make a hasty escape to the elevator.

next chapter learn how you escape, if you do. What will become of phobos?

then Join my for my new series "HEll on earth"

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Great stuff. My only suggestion would be to split your writing into paragraphs more. It makes it easier to read.

Anyway, when you're done do you plan on placing all the chapters together in one location? I hope so.

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