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DOOM Deathmatch Demo Archive

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Mogul (mje) and I have started a new demosite.
(as if I didn't have enough to do already :))

It is for multi-player DOOM-engine games.
Submissions and feedback are very welcome and encouraged.

Many thanks to Ganja, Toke, Bahdko, Badfish, Martinx, Nightfang, and everyone else who keeps the multiplayer DOOM demoscene going.

(yes, currently there are only 4(!) demos there, but I have many more to go... so please be patient)
additionally, I haven't got word from Bahdko about use of the competn.doom2.net ftp site yet... so 3ddownloads is your only choice, atm...

ps. if an admin happens to read this, you could post this as a news item. :)

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Just to reiterate what Opulent said -- there are TONS of demos we've got ready.

We're talking 75+ demos. Only four are up right now, but the rest, indeed, are on their way.


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