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Wads with tough and good gameplay

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Does anybody have any links to wads with good and tough gameplay. I mean wads like Hell Revealed and Slayer. I already have the following:

Alien Vendetta
Hell Revealed 1-2
Scythe (The final maps are tough)
Deus Vult

(I'm sure i've missed a few)

I'd appreciate any help, thanks!

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Use3D said:

Heh, how could I have forgotten to list that? That's an awesome wad Use3D!
Hmm... I guess i'l go and check out Squadron 417.

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The Memento Mori series is pretty good (one and two) and also were mainly built for co-op, if that's your thing. :) Enjoy.

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Grazza said:

Dude, thanks for the plug!

Seriously, if you love Intent, drop me a line with some feedback, since the sequel is being worked on and is nearly half finished. That'll be more of the same, but improved, so look out for it! [End plug ;)]

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