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City, pt. 3

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Recap thus far...

You've gotten drunk, seen an (apparently) intelligent trash-heap, been transported to a point in the air along with your recliner roughly 600 feet above some pointy rocks, fallen, jumped out of the recliner, and then found out that you're still in it.

And now, for part 3...

Thank goodness for wheels on the bottom of your recliner, especially since you haven't found a way to get out of it. Roaming about a cave system in a floral recliner? You never thought you'd be in this humiliating a situation yet. Then you run face-first into a stalactite. Ouch.

The sound of your impact wakes things up. You hear a familiar hissing noise as well as a high-pitched screeching noise. Damnit, new monsters?

Reaching into your pocket you pull out your revolver. Six shots, and you'll have to make them count. Fortunately, the bullets are hollow-point, so one hit will take out an Imp no problem.

You keep going through the cave, a little more carefully. After the initial hisses and screeches, nothing has come up on you yet...


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