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Robert Duffy's .plannination

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id Programmer Robert Duffy has updated his .plan with some more nifty info on Doom 3 (quite a lot of it in fact). The update covers the hardware used during development as well as the various image qualities the game is capable of and all the neat filtering and mapping and... stuff it can do. He's not quite as cryptic as Carmack would be, so non-programming super gurus might have a shot at understanding him. Plus you'll get some insight on what hardware to run the game on if you're planning an upgrade for Doom 3.

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Their dev server crashed? I wonder if this means there are 3d models that are lost forever or something along those lines. Probably not since it sounds like they had it on a raid backup. That reminds me, i need to back up my pr0-, erm, documents.

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Ultra my ass. 512 MB, that a ganga!

Hmmmm . . . it will be fun to compare the High and Ultra settings, I really hope high will be good enough for me.


The Bruce

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