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Doom's story and first episode rewritten

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Shores of Hell story status: I'll be releasing it tomorrow morning. Yes, it is done.

The UAC log has been edited. Check out the new log!


UAC H.Q.: December 21, 2087

UAC safety log:

Today, the RDSI inspected the new teleport station opened so we can create speedier travel around UAC's Mars facility. Inspections went fine, as the test subject was able to safely transfer between teleports quite speedily. Testing is finished, and we will now inspect UAC's Venus and Mercury inferno facilities. There will be no need to further inspect these stations.

UAC HQ: November 30, 2092

UAC production log:
WARNING: Top Secret!

The UAC has been encountering several errors, including a worker who went through the teleport and never came out the other end. The UAC has decided to keep this file top secret so no RDSI members will shut us down. We hope there are only slight errors.

UAC HQ: December 31, 2092

UAC production log:
WARNING! Top Secret!

A press conference was held today with UAC's CEO, who announced that UAC's facility has encountered slight errors, but is coming back from a power failure on the 17th. In sector 4, reports were made of a leaking sludge tank. The tank was sent into the contaminate area, and the sector was blocked off for 5 hours. The teleport pads outside the facilities reported a missing "wrench" or in this case we could not report to the public about our missing employees. The UAC has scheduled to have a decontamination of sector 4 within the week. After the decontamination, the UAC can continue to be "The Solar System's best radioactive waste disposal company." Their competitors, the RDC and the RWCDO have swept past the UAC in the last 18 months, showing the UAC behind their normal competitors and even behind the USARDI which has had the least production of the 4 in the past. The UAC's final report? "Errors may shape our future. We must find solutions.

UAC HQ: December 10, 2093

UAC Emergency log:

The UAC is under extreme alert, as Regiment UAC-3096 is stationed at the moon base and moving out. This document is being written at the Mars facility, where we have lost 31 workers and 12 scientists due to an unknown invasion. Our faulty windows seems to have killed them, but the Deimos base, unfortunately, yesterday had reported a sighting of a pink gorilla. Then, an hour later, the window was reportedly cracked(and deimos has no atmosphere) and the gorillas were sighted again, scratching at the window. The air was sucked out, and everyone was assumed dead at Deimos. They must have entered by the test portal in the back of the station which was where we lost all our workers and scientists, which were testing if we could enter another universe with these portals. I guess it was succesful but deadly...


They thought they had it under control...but now your regiment is being sent up to phobos to find out whats going on...you were with the last line of the regiment when you forgot that you lended your plasma gun to your best friend! you rushed back to his cabin to find the door locked tight. Suddenly, the main hatch is shut and locked. The rest of your crew heads off, armed with BFGs and chainguns, etc. Now you either have to make a superhuman effort to get your plasma rifle or choose to find a pistol and spacesuit(a radiation suit would do). After 3 hours, you still cannot break into the cabin which holds your plasma gun. You decide to listen to your 2-way, but no sound comes except for a scream. You secure your suit, but it eventually wears off before you get to the radioactive area. Halls and halls of nothing but darkness, until now. You hear them. They hear you. THIS IS IT.
well, thats knee deep in the dead, which i set it on Doom's beginning story, since its the first ep. I guess i should get busy on the Shores of Hell's individual story. Thanks for reading this!

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A little on the short side, but fairly decent. I'd have preferred a few more logs from the time when the gates start to become unstable.

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now there a good idea for the shores of hell. Heres what im gonna do:
1. Edit my new storyline a bit.
2. Add new UAC logs.
3. Put in the shores of hell's story.
4. Make a preview for Inferno.

Shores of hell status: Finished and posted. Go check it out!

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Bring on the Shores of hell. What I've just read is quite catching, looking forward for the next fic :)

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Interesting but it's more like in the instruction booklet where it gives you a brief intro and you have to play the rest in the game, no offense I liked it though...

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i understand, but i dont feel like writing a walkthrough at this point in time, maybe i will revise them in a little while. ;)

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