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The Shores of Hell rewritten

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This is where i left off. Hope you enjoy it!



There. Done. You did it, right? Isn't this nightmare done? Where's your giant reward and portal back to Earth? This CAN'T be right! You take a portal, leading you to a mysterious space base. On the walls are engraved "UAC- The leader in chemical safety." Yeah right. Thanks to those guys, you're stuck here fighting monsters! You proceed to walk further on.

You enter a room where you find 3 dead bodies and a dead arch-vile. If only those guys were stronger, you could fight with them. You knew that you were the only one who tried yout hardest in boot camp. If only they hadn't used up all their ammo you could take their guns. You find 4 desks, and a note on one. It says, "The worst is yet to come." and it was in plain English, and there were no mistakes. Someone's following your EVERY move here...

Anyway, you walk on, finding 3 imps to kill. You get them all with your SSG. Hmmm, that was easy. You walk to find another room with dead marines and a Cyberdemon. A Cyberdemon? What the hell is a cyberdemon? On the wall you find a note. "This guy may be rough and tough, but haven't you had enough? Push that button on the wall. It's for the airlock, and the Cyberdemon will fall. Into the vacuum of space he goes, where's he headed? Nobody Knows." You pull the switch. Suddenly, he falls into a cube, screaming. He accidentally shoots his rocket launcher, and the cube breaks, sending him into the void.

Was that easy or what? Hey, isn't that cube still broken? Shouldn't you be choking by now? All of the air suddenly pulls you towards the cube. You fight, and you grab oto the bar nearest you. You read another note. "Cube sucking you into the vacuum? Shoot that bullseye and it won't happen." This guy really sucks at his writing. You shoot the bullseye, and the cube floats away, and another glass playe seals the opening. Maybe this guy is helping you. But for what?

You enter the next hall, finding what appears to be your friend, Jason. Heh, he seems to have used up all your plasma ammo. You shouldn't have given it to him in the first place. You hear a breath over your shoulder. Something isn't right here. You turn behind to find a cacodemon grinning at you. He begins to open his mouth, but you fire a rocket launcher down his throat, and he explodes into a bazillion pieces. You leave the plasma gun you left Jason next to him. You remember the last time you saw him. But that's not important, you've got a moon base to save!

You enter the next area, finding 3 small pools of radioactive waste. You see a teleport pad in the middle of one of the pools, and you take it. Suddenly, the pad isnt working. The pad disappears. You're now stuck in the middle of a radioactive Ditch! You read another note on the wall,"Burning to a crisp? Crawl into that tunnel." That was a stupid poem. It didn't even rhyme. What the hell was this guy thinking when he wrote these? Quickly, you crawl into the small tunnel. You see 3 Imps ahead, and you kill them with your SSG.(didn't that happen, already?) No challenge there. You move until you see the end of the tunnel and a teleport pad.

You see a teleport pad and an Exit sign ahead. Is this your ticket home? Quite possibly. You see ahead no monsters, so you put down all your guns and sit for a rest. Wait a second, you put your guns down in radioactive waste! They all burn except your pistol, which you were able to nab immediately. Wait another second, you just sat in radioactive waste! Your ass burns like your finger touching a gas stove. You run to the teleport, hoping on the other side is Earth. You were wrong. It leads to the Deimos moon base. It leads to The Shores of Hell.

It has all come down to this. You survived the cyberdemon. Deimos floats above hell itself. Now, the monsters are tougher. Don't think that Hell Barons are your only obstacle. The bar has been raised. Can you reach it?
Hope you enjoyed it! In Inferno, look for the preview of Doom 2 part 1! Expect Inferno to be extremely intense. Expect more monsters. Expect more interesting points. Expect a MUCH more improved storyline. Well, i'd better get busy on Inferno. Thanks for reading this!

Inferno Status: Whoa. Finally an update. Maybe we're looking at a few weeks, or so?

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Not bad at all, in fact i think its pretty intresting. Nice how you put the poem things in, and how the Cyberdemon fell into a void. But I do have one question. Is that all for Shores of Hell?

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well, i am thinking of adding a bit to it, including adding the episode itself to the story. I even just might hold back Inferno's story until friday so i can really improve over the last 2, but i am going to improve the shores of hell. Heck, i might just go do it tonight.

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The story is quite interesting. There were a couple things that bothered me (Archvile on Deimos? o_O) but it looks decent. Would fit onto Doom box's backcover, heh.

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