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It just occurred to me. Do you think DooM 3 will have a secret level that's been the staple of most iD titles? Maybe some funny easter eggs like the Babel Fish (Quake 1 & 2) or Commander Keen (DooM 2)?

I hope they continue the tradition! The more I think about it, the more I look forward to seeing their secret level(s) if it/they exist.


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You mean the Dopefish. Who knows? I wouldn't be a bit surprised though.

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Yeah, the Dopefish. =] I knew that. Just been a long day.

"Swim, swim. Hungry."

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I dont know.....

But i remember Carmack did say id hid rooms and secret emergency-armories.

He said something like "...the UAC placed there there into the walls of the facility with a select few knowing in the event of an emergency..."

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