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New Zealand Release

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Well, according to the company I Pre-Ordered from, their copies of Doom 3 Have arrived in the country, and they'll be shipping on the 3rd! Just like the US!

I was expecting at least a week's worth of wait, but this is amazing, we get our copies even before the UK!

(And because I ordered a while ago, I get a free Mancubus and Doom 3 T-Shirt!)

Link: http://www.gpstore.co.nz/News/Archive/990.html

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A Mancubus is a way better pet than a cat or a dog. :D

I think I get my copy around the 6th or 7th. No Mancubus comes with it, but thereĀ“ll be plenty of them inside the game, I hope!

Wanna have this T-shirt, though. :-(

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