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Ideas for Doom 3 Maps

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Here's to my first post that could be sent to Jean Luc Picard himself in Post HELL, but what the hey?

I've heard some dam good ideas for the doom 3 map maker / editor, and I want to see what else anyone comes up with.

Are there boundaries in the map editor? Or are user-made import possibilities such that the skys the limit?? Does anyone have an "after I master the editor" dream they want to see made???

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Gaydoom 3 (missing out the 2), ie blasting realistically-lit nazis through the realistically-shattering windows of a realistically-shiny triumph herald in a realistically shitty multi-storey car park, with authentic gloomy grey skies!

But i think i'll make the first one first

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What I would like to see is more of a urban feel. I really like games that deal with street and house to house fighting. So maybe someone would come up with a way to make a Doom3 level that is more or less Doom2 (on earth).

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I guess only I can't really picture that with doom3 tech. So i was thinking more along the line of the first level of sof2.

BTW does it rain..or is that a option in a doom3 editor

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