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multiplyaer concerns

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i know doom3 ships with 4 players in mind for MP. ive heard that this is partly to do with bandwidth limitations. if bandwidth really does turn out to be a problem, i think that is going to be a rather big blow to the moding community- especially if they cant really make anything with more than 6 players at a time. i dont really know how concerned i should be, so could someone please explain to me how the number of players in doom3 will be limited by the bandwidth? (yes, i know that is the case in ALL games, but i mean, hell, i played gamves with 20-24 people in counterstrike and didnt have issues with my latency- doom3 is limited to FOUR players initially).

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The bandwidth limitation is due to how much data has to be sent know. Your now adding the pyhiscs into the data, boxes and stuff flying around, and with the per-poly hit detection, its going to be more precise about where the projectile is and was. I know there is probably more as well.

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