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Mr. NobodX

Effective teamwork in Online Games - An old study i found while cleaning up my comp..

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I'm sure some of you arealdy seen this, or have heard of it, but i still find it a bit "informative", so i'll post it here for those who didn't read it...

I was cleaning up my comp, both for creating space for Doom3 when it come out and for removing all traces of a certain virus (Yeah, a trojan slipped in a Conquer update. I hate it when it happens...), and i found this study, the result of a survey i've participated a year ago. It's not extremely well written (Some spelling mistakes here and there) but it's somewhat informative, and the author bring up good points and ideas...

Check it out at: http://www.the2ndsky.ch/survey2k3/

Yes, i'm such a suckup.

EDIT: Oh, and the screenshot we see on the main page is probably the "funniest" Counter-Strike thing i've ever seen O_O

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