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Random thought about foreign accents...

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Haha, orgone. I read about that crap.

Gokuma said:

Then why the hell is it spelled gon? Alright then. My name is to be pronounced Gikuma from now on. Also, Fodders is pronounced Fidders (with a hard D), Boris is Biris, DJ Haruko is DJ Haruki, and Lord Flathead is Lird Flathead.

Well thats just how you pronounce it. It's not like anyone calls New Orleans "New Or-le-on" (french pronunskiation). I bet you;re one of those people that would call Neubauten "Newbauten". Sometimes you just have to pronounce something a certain way because thats what the native speakers call it.

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I like speaking english with different accents. The best is when I talk another brit/aussie/scot/irishman using their accent then all of a sudden just start speaking english with my canadian accent and they're totally amazed and baffled. I'm still struggling with perfecting the American accent, I can do the whitetrash/hillbilly/redneck one really good, but I'm working on just a standard American Dialect accent and I'm finding it to be quite the challenge.

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david_a said:

Oh man, I just realized that I've lived 8 years near an infamously mispronounced city: Louisville. There's widely different opinions on how to pronounce it, but "Lewisville" is wrong no matter who you ask.

i've never heard anyone pronounce it anything but louieville.

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Numbermind said:

And Pennsylvania is pronounced "Philelphia".


In Philly we pronounce water as wooter. I remember somebody explaining the other differences, but I can't think of them at the moment.

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Americans tend to somehow "mute" the 't' and 'd' in some words.
for example the city of Monterey (CA), most people here pronounce it : mon erey ...as if the 't' was not there

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sargebaldy said:

i've never heard anyone pronounce it anything but louieville.

I guess most American's pronounce it that way, but foreigners sure as hell don't.

EDIT: Like me, when I first moved there :)

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