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Kristian Ronge

MM map 29 Co/op trick(s)

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Hello again,

I was fooling around a bit more with Memento Mori and stumbled upon some tricks in map 29 to make it much more speedrunning friendly. ;-)

Copy/paste straight from the .txt:
"When Thomas Möller (of TiC) designed this map, he made it "co-optimized",
which, in short, means that people playing alone would have shortcuts and
people playing co/op would have to play much more of the map.

He tried to prevent co/op players from using these shortcuts (grabbing
the red key, and immediately being able to go down to the berserk packs
and further on towards the finish) by placing obstacles in the way. He
failed. :-D

Here I simulate a multiplayer (co/op) game and show how to play this map
almost like you would in SP. My exit time of 0:49 of course sucks, this is

merely a first exit to demonstrate how to bypass 90% of the map... When
playing 2 people, an idea would be that the first guy gets the red key
while the other guy opens the stairs to the berserk pack area. That way a
time of below 30 seconds should be very possible."

Anywho, enjoy. And feel free to optimize the time in a future co/op session...


ZDooM 1.22, as usual.

EDIT: I should perhaps state clearly that you'll have to play the demo by using ZDooM's "-host" command from the command line, like so:
zdoom -file mm.wad -host 1 -playdemo mm29tric
(Oh, and if these tricks are previously known, let me know and I'll delete the thread.)

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new to me.
certainly an odd demo, since single-player is faster, but interesting nonetheless. Are those switch tricks possible in doom2.exe(I would think so)?

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Yes, I'd see no reason why they wouldn't work.


Just checked, and it worked flawlessly... :-)

EDIT: Also, of course the keygrab works in doom2.exe (you grab the red key through the metal plate in front of it).

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err, I'm suprised how this would be "new" to either Opulent or Vince. Some of these tricks are in the max demo and there is already a single player speed demo @ CN. Coop is only an extension of that..

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Hi Anthony... Really liked your 13:10 max of map 29 BTW, it's what got me looking at the map in the first place! :-)

Hmm.. I'm not sure what you mean by these tricks being in the max demo (they're not). Nor are they in the speed demos. In SP there's no problem getting the red key at the start, nor getting to the berserk pack area quickly, but in co/op you're blocked off (so you can't access the red key directly, nor can you pass the trigger line to lower the stairs to the berserk packs). So to get to the red key quickly you need to glide against an object on the opposite side. The next trick is simply pushing a switch from below to lower the stairs to the berserk pack area. (otherwise, you have to cooperate by one guy standing on the pillar where the caco pops up and one guy adjusting the height of said pillar, so the guy on the pillar can jump onto the blood platform and flip that switch). These two factors make co/op nothing like SP.

Now, if anyone's done it before in co/op... that's a whole different matter. :-) Maybe that's what you meant?

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I spoke too soon...sorry...

Kristian, your demo does show some new concepts. My memory is shot so I had to go back and watch my own demo and then look in the editor at the map.

It reminded how sub-quality that demo was ;). great map and all but I'm sure it could have been taken under 10 minutes if a better route was used.

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Swedish Fish said:
It reminded how sub-quality that demo was ;).

No way! That demo is of high quality, and very intense. Okay, so the route choices are a bit strange (but what the hey, the map is so confusing it's no wonder either) but there are very exciting moments... I just love how you finished off that pesky Arch-Vile at the end with ...22%(?) health left. :-D

great map and all but I'm sure it could have been taken under 10 minutes if a better route was used.

I remember getting a 9:40ish (or, hmm, maybe 10:40ish? Sometimes you wish you could produce better times than you can, hehe) "almost" max exit... didn't want to wait until Christmas or whenever those last few monsters decided to teleport in ;-D .... I used a slightly different tactic. Basically, I left all the monsters that teleport in until the end and clean up with the BFG. I also waited until the end with getting the Mancubus and Baron out on that peninsula...

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