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Emulated surround sound good enough for Doom 3?

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Recently purchased a surround speaker set for my comp for Doom 3. Altec Lansing VS3151. Decent enough sound for the price (US $60). This thing can emulate surround in 2/4 channel, but since I don't have the inputs required for actual 5.1/6 channel (have onboard audio, no actual sound CARD), I'm not really getting the real deal. Tested the emulation with the Fight Club DVD. Sounded great. And I was able to select 5.1 surround in the menu (obviously or I wouldn't be hearing the surround). What I want to know is if this will work for Doom 3's surround capabilities. I'd like to think so, since this thing can emulate 5.1 on DVDs well, but since this is a game its a whole other ballgame for all I know. If anyone knows whether or not I can still utilize Doom 3's surround sound features in 2/4 channel surround emulation, let me know. If not I guess I'm gonna be in the market for an Audigy 2 or something similar.

What's weird is my onboard sound chip has 6 channel/5.1 support, as indicated in the mainboard manual. Only thing is the speaker set requires two additional plugs for implementing 5.1, one in which my current setup doesn't have (black and orange outputs). Only outputs I have aside from the standard green one are a blue and red one. And those seem to be for mic and line in. Been fiddling with the connections for several days but to no avail. I have no idea how the hell I can enable 6 channel without the proper outputs. How the heck can my onboard sound support 6 channel but not possess the proper outputs required to utilize it? If anyone knows anything about this please let me know. I don't want to have to shell out extra money for a sound card if I don't have to.

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