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Scripting questions

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1.) I've started fooling around with scripting in Zdoom and I was wondering if it's possible to make multiple choices? Like say the doom dude fights his way through some crap and ends up in a room. Upon entrance the script begins and it describes and shows you a few possibilities and you get to choose. Like pressing the switch on the left wall would trigger a lift for you to proceed to the next area. Fight the 4 revenants and continue going straight. Or hop into the teleporter and end up elsewhere.

I know these sorts of things could be done in real time but scripting allows for bits of story and can show player little clues to allow for slightly more annoying, but solvable puzzles. It also can show bits and pieces of the next firefight and, have the player be able to enjoy something possibly difficult unless handled in the way the scripting could reveal to the player.

2.) Talking: Playing little waves and having bits of dialogue. I was wanting to try to see if I could come up with some sort of funny bizzare Theatrical doom story for some strange artsy joke wad idea. (NOT IMPSE THE SEQUEL OR ANY OTHER kind of "SE" FOR THAT MATTER)

These are 2 script usage ideas that I'm curious to know if the are theoretically possible to implement. MMMM.... bud brownies.

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The answer to both is yes, and scripts used to provide alternative paths and choices have been in use for quite a while. It's not even necessary to have different switches for the different choices -- the same switch could be used, and the action that it triggers could be controlled by previous actions by the player. For example, defeating a particular monster might cause the switch to lower a lift that will take the player to a power-up, while not defeating the monster may only cause a door to open.

The use of dialog has not been prevalent in ZDooM wads, and that might be because of the hassle in creating customized dialog of high quality (and the resulting large file sizes). However, there's nothing that would technically prevent you from inserting .wav files for dialog.

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If you convert your wav files to ogg, they'd be a lot smaller. (and you can even use high-quality wavs too, as they'll still compress to the same size). Massmouth 2 used mp3's for voice-acting (similar size to oggs), but the huge size was down to the graphics and mod music.

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Thanx for the replies, I'll probably have more questions as frustration arises, but if I get lucky, I won't. Heh.

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