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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge

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DOOM GUY:Hey *sits down,makes a cup of coffee* whats up guys?

Duke:Oh,nothing.I cant wait till DOOM 3 gets released.

DOOM GUY:Well Duke 4 Ever looks phat...

Caleb (from BLOOD):I want a new game!BLOOD was cool but I fucking hate BLOOD 2!

DOOM GUY:Yeah...well my sequel was nice and I got a new gun!YAY!

Caleb:I got tons of new guns its just that most of them sucked!

Duke:Yeah,well in my first game alls I got was a laser gun and in the second one I had 4 guns.

DOOM GUY:yeah well I have a gun that can clear out a whole room of bad guys.

Duke:Yeah!Well I got a gun that can shoot rockets out really fast.

Caleb:Beat this!I got a voodoo doll!

Duke and DOOM GUY:yeah...it doesnt look like us!Heh!
*Caleb runs out in the hall,pulls out his voodoo doll.*

Caleb:Im gonna wait for a demon to come by and Im gonna kill em!
*Demon sneaks up behind Caleb and bites his arms off.Caleb screams and die*

Duke:Oh...thats gonna hurt in the morning...

DOOM GUY:yep...so how was your day?

Duke:Same old,yah know...strippers and pigs...

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yeah..pretty entertaining...I just wanted to know what Lara Croft had to say.....

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Lara Croft is in a 3rd person shooter...plus the DOOM GUY and Duke would probly hit on her...mmmm...Lara Croft...

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