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"For those who have, uh, somehow played Doom 3 already?"

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So does this thread have a point?

And yeah I've played it (legally purchased) over the past couple days. I'm really taking my time and exploring everything. I have no reason to blow through and finish the game in a couple days. So far it's been quite emmersive, and I can't wait to really start seeing some badass shtuff.

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Mancubus II said:

So does this thread have a point?

Uh, yeah? I'm saying that the forum description line is now outdated. Even if the staff wanted to wait for the official release, they'd have to change it really soon anyway.

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The topic should be:

"Future!? Future? Future my ass, they haven't figured out how to put lights on guns?! Come on man!!! Give me the fucking duct tape!"


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