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Doom Lost All The Decent Artists ???

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I really wonder where are those find artists have been gone to. Doomworld's shot of the day seems would be hardly updated because we don't have any many of precious shots. btw, most of the shots are taken off from the game. Can't people come up with some fresher ideas? Planetquake updates the picture of day section everyday, and there are so many artists gather around in the quake3 community. They make desktop wallpaper, quake4 logos, mods images and such. Doom has practically completely lost these goodies since doom desktop hosted site is so dead.

Here are some decent artists from planetquake:

Willi Hammes: http://www.3dluvr.com/willi

Peter Bausteadter: http://www.vigilante.net/~loki/

Doug Chiang: http://www.dchiang.com/

Eric Hanson: http://www.loop.com/~ehanson/

Nailuy: http://nailuj.8k.com/

Michael Baczynski: http://www.baczy.de/

Arild Wiro Anfinnsen: http://www.secondreality.ch/

Grant Niesner: http://www.angelfire.com/id/digitalnature/

Robert Stein III: http://www.rs3art.com/

Steven Garofalo: http://www.rustedfaith.com/

Craig Mullins: http://www.goodbrush.com/

Victor Navone: http://dwp.bigplanet.com/vnavone/

Emmanuel Campin: http://www.3dluvr.com/pixho/

Daniel Robichaud: http://www.danielrobichaud.com/

Jeremy A. Engleman: http://art.net/~jeremy/

Francois Rimasson: http://membres.tripod.fr/rimasson/

Marc Goecke: http://www.3dluvr.com/bitterman/

Olivier Junquet: http://www.splotsh.com/

Tal E. Ben Shlomo: eldarinn.com/

Giovanni Nakpil: http://www.3dluvr.com/gio/

Pascal Blanché: http://www.3dluvr.com/pascalb/

Miles Estes:

*Some Q4 logo was designed by the artists:




Shouldn't we have some D3logos designed by artists by now?

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Cough indeed

In fact, cough again.

Sweet. Zaldron, you are awesome. I like it. You work hard (as anyone that looks at those pics can see). 3d art is hard from what I have heard.

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Not really. The hardest part in 3D modelling? WAITING FOR THE RENDER TO FINISH. The second hardest thing? Learning the soft. That's about it.

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