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Kefka Garmonde

The difference between 2 specific video cards?

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How much better is the Radeon 9800 than the GeForce FX 5200 (which I have) ? I saw the stats online, but not too sure how much better the Radeon is. Anyone know? in plain, simple english.

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ANYTHING but the 5200!

Stats don't matter, drivers do. Admittedly, Nvidia has the better set for OpenGL and stable in Direct3D as well, Radeons got Catalysts that are great in Direct3D but they're sucking in OpenGL and ATI are already planning a rewrite of their extensions.

For Doom III, nVidia's GF's better. I'm no nVidiot, i'm a PerVRt, so don't accuse me of that.

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the Nvidia for doom3. as stated nvidia leans more to OpenGL which doom uses.

so do ATI, but they lean more towards direct3d.
dont compare how far cry runs to how doom3 runs! they use different systems. doom3 with openGL and far cry with direct3D

an of the geforce FX series will be great. the 5700 and up are very cool. also if you are a linux user get the nvidia card.

i made the mistake of getting the 9600XT, mainly due to lack of any good Nvida cards at work. linux support is shit for ATI and i can only get good use in windows.

also consider price. which can you get for a good price. anything geforce4 (except MX, will run doom3 but only on low) and up or ATI 8500 and up.

you DONT need the newest of the new for great doom3. it looks bad ass on even a 9200 ATI. runs great on my 9600XT

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Farcry DOES have an additional OpenGL renderer with it, shipped in the final game. Runs better on the Geforces (seriously, it's what makes it rahter playable on my comp here)

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