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1.2 ghz ambiguity?

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I have heard a lot of different stories on the minimum specs for Doom3.

I have a pci geforce4, 512mb PC-2100 ddr ram, and I know that all falls well within the required hardware. However, I am uncertain about the minimum cpu speed.

I have an athlonxp 1.2 ghz (266 mhz FSB). I have heard that the minimum speed is 1 ghz, then 1.2 ghz, and most recently 1.5 ghz. I was thinking that I'm all set, but now I'm not sure. I think my mb could handle just swapping out the cpu, but if the current one's okay, I won't bother.

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Suck it and see...

I think you'll be fine, but it'll be low res and low details to get playable framerates...

By all accounts it still looks good on minumum settings though.

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The minimum cpu is 1.5 but it's less important than the videocard and ram spec. You'll still be able to play but definetely on low quality(which still looks pretty good). Also the game will go to lower resolutions than the 640x480 specified.

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HeXploiT said:

Also there's a big difference in Geforce 4's. Do you have a geforce4 mx ir a Ti?

It's an MX. Nvidia has NEVER made Ti series GPUs on a PCI bus.

Well okay, maybe with PCI express that'll change but I think they may have dropped the "MX" and "TI" naming conventions.

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PCI might cause issues, basicly low detail all special stuff turned off.

i would bet res could max out at 640x480, with reasonable frame rate.

the geforce MX and geforec4MX are basicly a geforce 2

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Yuck, pci. Sorry to hear you have to deal with that. I think you will run it at 800x600 but nothing more. Don't push that mx pci card though.

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