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Skyewood Nightmare demos

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I did Nightmare demos for all three maps of Skyewood.

I hope the coolness of the maps compensates for the mediocrity of these demos. The routes are OK (I think), but the execution could be tightened up a fair bit.

For those who don't know how to watch demos, the zip includes a batch file that you can use to watch them with prboom.

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I like the demos... less enamored with the wad. =/
good archie jump, and that dragon was sure pissed. :)

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Heh. Weird wad. Decent design, though.

The Revenant's sounds were amusingly replaced.

Grazza said:
My SSG didn't seem to be working too well in this run.

Alas, for not oiling the trusty old weapon nor cleaning it regularly.

Keep 'em coming.

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Opulent said:

and that dragon was sure pissed. :)

heh, you should have seen it when I used the crusher on it. :)

The revenant's sounds work best when you hear its attack sound before its death sound. I think they're from the film "The Evil Dead".

The wad is clearly very weird. I think it's a good weird, but that's a matter of taste, of course.

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Grazza said:

The routes are OK (I think)

I'd like to take that back, at least in the case of map02. My route there sucked. I'd updated the zip with a map02 demo improved by nearly a minute. A bit frustrating to record, since the majority of attempts ended with a failed archie jump. >:(

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