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Friendly Reminder

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If you're like me and you don't have anything better to do right now, something is probably going to happen at the UA-Corp website in about 45 minutes.

Edit: "Transport arrived".. how exciting. Good night :P

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Mr. NobodX said:


Transport has arrived...

thats it eh? what an anti-climax.. we've still got half an hour of texas time left tho

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oh the transport arrived all right.....

but in a few short hours, poor doom marine is gonna wish it hadnt

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You can set your time and the flash app uses the system clock. Silly thing. I guess the REAL ua-corp website starts up at 12:00 AM Pacific. I hope something happens, been waiting a while to see something.

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Transport has arrived, but I'm short on the payment.

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Ralphis said:

My transport came free

Yeah pirates get free stuff aarrgghh matey!

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