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Sound problems with Doom 3 PLS help

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Hello ppl,

i hope someone will help me with this, cause if not, im gonna suicide :)

Today, I have installed the Doom 3, and i started to play.
Then i noticed, that when i move (ONLY when i move), every 2-5 seconds i hear crackling sound from my reproductors....Its soooo annoying, that i cant even play it...

I tried newest drivers for my graphics card, chipset, soundcard, i have tried to lower the hardware acceleration for my soundcard, i have tried moving my soundcard to another PCI slot....and nothing helped...i have run out of ideas....

BTW i have tried to remove my Audigy 2 card from computer, and i tried to use onboard soundcard (nforce 2), and it was the same....so maybe its not sound problem....

Its amazing that i can hear this crackling ONLY when i move... When i shoot, or talk to someone, or listen to PDA or whatever, theres no crackling in repros....

Any ideas someone??? Help appreciated.... thx


Should i try another repros? I have Creative I-trigue 3300

athlon XP 2700+
Asus a7n8x deluxe nforce 2
512 RAM Corsair dual channel CL2
Raptor sata-disk
SB Audigy 2 OEM
Win XP Pro SP1
420w PSU Thermaltake

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I'm not sure if this applies to you or not, but if you have VIA compenents i'd download the 4 in 1 drivers... i think it has something to do with the AGP and sound stuff

I'd give it whirl

even if it doesn't work you can uninstall it


the link has a list of audio drivers for those models of cards... if one of those is the one you have onboard

As for the audigy... i don't like creative anymore... they need some real competition cause it seems their crap always has problems


I'm guessing you know all this but disable programs before you run the game to prevent conflicts... (ie.. antivirus, other stuff that eats of lotsa ram)

What version of windows where you using again?


Have you gone here and get the drivers for your mobo and stuff... sounds like you already did but just thinking of things that could be wrong...


start>platform/nForce drivers>unified driver>Windows version... etc...


Sounds like you also have 2 soundcards on your system... make sure that when you have your audigy in, to disable your onboard soundcard in bios so they won't conflict

hope some of this helps

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thx for fast reply

Im not using VIA.... I have nforce 2 mobo, and i installed newest drivers for it from nvidia site... for graphics card too... (MSI 5950 ultra).

I have no antiviruses, or icq, or MSN or whaterver running...

Only option is to try format c: i think...but i fear it will be the same..

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Its starting to sound more like a game-specific bug with the n-force and doom3

Try reinstalling DX9c (its out on M$ website), try turning the quality down to lowest settings in doom3 and see if that helps

I've had sound screw up sometimes when the CPU is under heavy load, especially if its a onboard

... i'll think of some other stuff


I've been looking around computing.net and do searches for Nforce2 or something like that and see what you can find... or even post your post there and see if you get more "know how" on how to fix it

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Got some more for ya........ (its 3am and i'm bored and don't feel like sleeping...)


Similar problem sorta... older card but something to think about

Another thing i thought of is to UNINSTALL your audigy2 drivers (and remove the device and let it re-detect) from creative and use XPs native drivers and see if that works

Also disable EAX and other "hardware dependant" things in the game (if they have options for them)

again make sure onboard sound is completely disabled in bios when audigy 2 is installed

I think this is the site for your model # of mobo (and drivers for BIOS, etc)... if you already havn't been here... you could try Flashing your bios with the newest version... but if you've never flashed your bios before its kind of dangerous so follow the directions exactly and do it very carefully cause you could ruin your computer... luckly my comp has a dual bios so i can recover from another bios chip if i screw a flash up and reload the BIOS... neato


Looks like other people have a similar prob


also ran a search for people having problems with same mobo here:


also ran another search on the Audigy 2 you can skim over to give you new ideas here:



I think its just the audigy 2 that's a POS... i had a old X-Gamer! i loved but soon as i got XP it became completely incompatible... and it a few probablems before too but it took a while for me to fix them... I just think creative has gotten lazy and i won't be buying from them again... anyways goodnight... might have something else tomorrow

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thx for help

theres no sound options in doom 3...so i cant set it on or off(eax etc.)

my onboard soundcard IS turned off in bios...

I have latest BIOS for my mobo...

Its really fucking amazing...never happened to me before.

BTW i remember i had similar problems in Hidden and dangerous 2, when i overclocked my CPU.

But now i have NOT my CPU overclocked....

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hmmmm this might sound crazy but open up your computer case and run a fan to blow cool air inside of it

It sounds crazy but i had lots of problems with my pc once but then opened it up and blew some air inside of it to cool it down and it ran faster and stuff... i dunno if that has anything to do with it but its worth a shot right? :-D

Overheating can cause all kind of weird problems

but really... going to bed :-D

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IF its a motherboard specific problem maybe you will find an answer in the nForcersHQ - Forum.
Do a search for words like "crackling sound", "static noise" or "sound distortion".

Someone wrote this, just as a pint to start:

However browsing through the net and this forum I am convinced, that the problem is induced by the fact that the USB mouse or other hardware are sharing the same IRQ's.

I have tested this by installing an independant USB controller card in my computer using an IRQ which is not linked to the soundstorm.

Guess what? This high pitch sound - listening to the mouse moving - was gone. Thereafter you could only hear the HD in action over the ear-phones. Now to get that one settled I have no idea yet.

Just before I forget. I normally use the digital in of my loudspeaker system. On the digital side I have never encountered such problems as high pitch sound .

So I gather that you use that analogue out of the motherboard, and have an USB mouse.

A quick remedie is to use your mouse with an adapter on the PS2 input or move to full digital sound processing.

Maybe you have an usb mouse and walk around in DooM3 by moving you mouse ?

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Try going to DXDIAG (go to Start > Run > dxdiag) and turning down the Sound Acceleration one notch, see if that works.

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This problem absolutely blows. You can see how awesome the game *would* be, but, alas, you know that you will never be enjoying that, because of this &*$%ing *clicking* sound that happens when you or anybody else is walking. This is what I know so far in case it helps:

Setting video quality to "low" makes it go away.

I haven't tried medium yet.

It's definitely a bug with the game...and it's stupid because, if we had more in game sound controls, it might be possible to avoid the problem. Playing the game in low graphics mode is just not an option.

My basic config:

Asus A8V mobo (w VIA AC '97 onboard soundcard)
AMD FX-53 cpu
Radeon 9800 XT 256mb

I updated my VIA drivers for the soundcard as was suggested earlier in the thread, but that didn't help (but thanks...I didn't know about that site.)

Thanks so much if anyone is able to come up with the "magic bullet" that fixes this oh so very very evil problem.

Mr. Noob

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look at link i posted above, theres solution to this problem.
Its bad ambient sound when walking, you have to replace it and then its working fine and you can fully enjoy the game, as me now :)

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